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Subject: UKNM: Free ISP Brand / Project Manager
From: Glen Collins
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 20:29:23 GMT

Free ISP Brand / Project Manager

We are recruiting for one of our clients, who are a major Telecoms company
about to enter the free ISP market in a big way!

The role represents a fantastic opportunity to become involved in this
market sector with one of the key players, and hence really make a name /
mark on the UK new media industry.

The role involves the following:

* Liaison / management of telecoms/ISP 3rd parties - some knowledge of this
area an advantage

* Liaison / management of other 3rd parties including new media agencies who
are responsible for the portal website

* Forecasting and cost management requiring a disciplined and 'detail'

* Input into business plan and telecoms network planning / forecasting

* Input into ongoing strategy / brand direction including product

* Assisting the new media agencies with finalising of website ecommerce
deals and content deals.

In addition to this, the brand manager will be heavily involved in the
development of the brand and ongoing marketing of the product.

The ideal candidate will be 'corporate friendly' and be experienced in
working within a large corporate entity on major projects.

The ability to co-ordinate and work with a framework of 3rd parties is also

Please send CV's or requests for further information to:
glenatdigital-outlook [dot] com

Glen Collins
Digital Outlook Communications Ltd
2-4 Peterborough Mews
London SW6 3BL
Tel: 0171 731 0490
Fax: 0171 731 0459
Mob: 0777 589 4863
Web: www.digital-outlook.com
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