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Subject: Re: UKNM: Competition law/regulation on the web ? -Reply
From: Mcneive
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 18:52:53 GMT

In a message dated 3/22/99 2:47:50 PM GMT Standard Time, JXEatolswang [dot] co [dot] uk

<< Far be it from a lawyer to proffer free legal advice >>

But wait, there's more:-

For prize draws: check out the Sales Promotion Code, available at
www.asa.org.uk. Section 40.1 onwards sets out very clearly the rules for
"Promotions With Prizes" - which, in essence, is what a prize draw will be
*if* it is kept completely free to enter. You can phone the helpful people at
the ASA to clear/adapt the rules of prize draws; I suggest you do so. It
tends to avoid dealing with solicitors, and their rapacious ilk ;)

On the potential problems raised by people accessing from outside the UK: I
suggest you simply include in the rules a requirement that entrants must be
resident in the UK, and require them to provide an address here.

Scarily, if there's any direct or indirect payment to enter the draw, then it
will be an illegal lottery - and you'll be in breach of the criminal law. You
might want to avoid this...

Competitions are a bit different again. But to get the whole story on each of
these topics told in an accessible, usable kind of way, why not buy a book
called "Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing Law: A Practical Guide" by
Phillip Circus (Butterworths; 1998). Available in some good bookshops, and a
lot of very dull ones.

(That's enough lawyers. Ed.)

Liam McNeive
mcneive solicitors
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