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Subject: Re: UKNM: continental European new media journals?
From: Steven Carlson
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 14:12:56 GMT

Sean Phelan asks:

> Can any euro-new-media-types recommend journals and magazines that cover
> various European national markets?
> Ideally, I am looking for New Media Age and Revolution equivalents in
> France, Germany, nordic countries, etc. etc. And if any of them have a
> monthly site traffic table like NMA does, that would be great!

I'm afraid I can't help you with print, but I can point you to a few online

First off, I moderate the Online Europe discussion list, which is a contact
point for European Internet developers and entrepreneurs. The people
participating in OE work in a variety of fields that are presently being
impacted by the net, including telecom, finance, IT, journalism and
government. As the moderator, I work to keep the quality high and the
volume reasonable, and as Sam will appreciate this is a tricky balance. In
the last few days the list broken out in a spirited discussion of US
investments in the European net, a topic which has generated traffic on
UKNM as well.

To subscribe to Online Europe, send a message to <europe-onatisys [dot] hu (mailto:europe-onatisys [dot] hu)>.

Online Europe also works closely with two related services, Europemedia and

Europemedia <http://www.europemedia.com> is a weekly news service covering
the European net from a country by country perspective. News is submitted
by volunteer country editors, and editored for clarity by the Europemedia
organizers. The full stories available on the web, and summarized in a
weekly email newsletter.

European Websoup <http://www.dad.be/websoup> is a thrice weekly email
digest of European Internet news, as reported in the press. At that URL,
you'll also find the NetWatch cheat sheet, a one page summary of European
Internet statistics, presented in PDF format.

> PS: and is there anybody south of the channel reading this list? If so,
> I would love to have a chat via mail, phone or over a beer about your
> national market, and how it compares with the London - oops, I mean UK -
> market.

I'm a partner in a Budapest-based web development company, and I'd be happy
to compare notes with you about the Hungarian and Eastern European Internet
markets. I'd also be glad to answer any further questions about the
resources I've mentioned.

Steven Carlson A conclusion is simply the place
iSYS Hungary Kft where you got tired of thinking

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