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Subject: Re: UKNM: Banner ad release
From: Mike Butcher
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 13:39:27 GMT

>>>specific Internet sites. ActiveAdvertiser banners, on the other hand,
>>>involve viewers by encouraging them to either play an interactive game
>>>or use pull-down menus to navigate to further locations.
>>Ahem. So the java banners for BusinessNet which were on Capital
>>Interactive's sites in the autumn of '97, and which included "interactive
>>games" like golf, simple simon etc were something else then? (This was
>>before I joined CI.)
>circa sept 97 - Kleber deserve some belated recognition IMO
>Tom Loosemore
>Senior Web Producer

Well they did get some recognition at the time:

snip from NMA:

The Capital FM Web site is to carry a banner ad campaign featuring
interactive games.
The games have been created by two design companies, Kleber in the UK and
Hobbs Software in Atlanta, USA.
By playing the banner adverts users get the chance to win a year's free
leased line to ISP Business Net (every three months) or a one month free
ISDN line.


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