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Subject: Re: UKNM: Currant Bun
From: jim smith
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 12:25:52 +0100

At 3:49 pm -0800 on 30/3/99 you said:
>At 09:18 AM 3/30/99 , Steve Johnston/IMRG wrote:
>>Is CD-only registration for The Sun's 'People's Portal' really smart or
>>really stupid?
>>see http://www.currantbun.com/
>>Smart says: Got a reliable physical address (to sell) and manages demand.
>>Stupid says: It misses the whole point.
>Stupid says: What on earth is Currant Bun and
>why on earth should I bother calling for a CD?
>Hello? Anybody home? Or are we all just too
>hip to be informative?

Currant Bun is the Sun's nickname for itself, from Dick Van Dyke-style
cockney rhyming slang. Its readers are perfectly aware what it means.


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everything has been said, provided words do not change their meanings or
meanings their words -- alpha 60
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