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Subject: Re: UKNM: Currant Bun
From: Sajid Mohammed
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 14:31:24 +0100

If anyone read the 12-page pullout in yesterday's super soaraway Sun,
they will have seen that The Sun are trying to dumb down this Internet
thing as much as possible, hence the emphasis on the CD installation -
they even went to the trouble of explaining what a CD-ROM is as they
assume that most of their audience have never clapped their eyes upon

A quick whois on currantbun.com reveals that the nameservers belong to
Telinco, a telco/ISP who have been offering free ISP access for some
time - albeit discreetly. I guess that they are none too confident
about hordes of net-savvy Sun readers downloading the software at work
and getting online at home which is why they've gone down the CD route
to manage demand.

Assuming that Telinco are the prime movers behind this, what does this
say for the coherency of NewsInt's online strategy? ISP/Telco service
from an obscure company that conspicously isn't BT (or
Energis/NTL/C&W) and content partnerships from EMAP (doesn't Rupe own
any mags then, publishing people?) Whatever happened to NewsInt
Interactive/Delphi/LineOne? ;)

I guess this smacks of a kneejerk reaction to competitor activity in
this area...let's just hope the thing doesn't blow up in their faces...

Sajid Mohammed
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