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Subject: UKNM: Strategic thought
From: Charles Linn
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 18:14:18 GMT

When creating a website for a client, how prevalent is the practise of
insisting that the first stage must be creating a clear, concise and agreed
strategy for the site and it's development?

This sometimes seems to be a bit of an afterthought once the initial build
stage has been completed and the project moves into the development and
maintenance phase.

I am presuming that this situation orginates in the hopefully outdated
thinking of 'just get a site up for now because we are expected to have
one, and we can think about what to do about it later'. It is obviously
never too late to start thinking strategically - mostly a common sense
approach of clear objectives, prioritsation and focus of activity, realising
that it is not efficient to try and do everything. Defining strategy seem
to be a good area to be getting into, as even rich corporate clients are
soon going to have to justify their budgets and returns.

For all those strategists out there, can anyone suggest any websites which
cover this subject well, and any lists such as this one, or discussion sites
dealing with generating web strategy?



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