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Subject: Re: UKNM: A Flash portal - whatever next?
From: Jude Robinson
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 08:04:11 +0100

Richard Longhurst wrote:
> Feeding time for the lions -- press release just in...
> "andNow4.com...something completely different
> www.andnow4.com is the latest portal to launch on the net, and the first
> portal
> to use Flash 4 technology. Developed by leading computer installation
> company,
> Protea, this new portal site brings together news, sports, film, music,
> games,
> books as well as links to other websites.

Great! Just what I need.

> www.andnow4.com's cutting edge technology makes it radically different
> other
> portals.

Radically less likely to be used.

> It offers much faster, interactive surfing, with quicker
> downloading,


> some cool animation and better sound quality. It's not even a problem if
> don't
> have Flash 4, as there's a facility to download. If you're bored with what
> you've
> seen so far on the net, this could be for you.

Eish<SHAKES HEAD>. Shoot them all.

> The main menu currently features seven [and so it goes on]"

Please post the rest...I'm having fun..

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