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Subject: Re: UKNM: So, any techys from BOO like a job?
From: Jude Robinson
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 16:55:31 +0100

Felix Velarde wrote:
> Sorry to be so uncharitable, but weren't the techies one of the
> causes of the low-flying (nay, hedge-trimming) start that BOO, er,
> enjoyed?

Bloody well doubt it. I'd imagine it's much more likely the people who
were insisting that they had to have some sort of online
magazineshite/flash navigation/windows popping up left right and
centre/zoomy/spinny crap "'cause it would be really cool and really
stand out from the crowd, and we want it next week" etc etc. In my
experience of working on this sort of thing it's not techies that argue
for that sort of pointless pap, but rather the big cheeses with no
experience of the web/ marketing department.

Not that I have any insider knowledge of Boo or anything..

> I agree with that statement - I hope it will make people realise that
> it isn't just good spiel that counts. With any luck it might also
> make VCs realise that getting the marketing right first time is the
> most important aspect of any business

What?!?!?? Don't think the demise of Boo has much to do with poor
marketing, to be honest...

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