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Subject: RE: UKNM: So, any techys from BOO like a job?
From: Sarah Clelland
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 16:55:41 +0100

>Sorry to be so uncharitable, but weren't the techies one of the
causes of the low-flying (nay, hedge-trimming) start that BOO, er,

The problems with the site have been well documented. What I find
really disconcerting is Ernst Malmsten from boo admitting to the FT
that they weren't in control of their financial situation.

Boo.com failed because they rushed to market, going live on a
massive scale when they had no majorly exciting products, hadn't
tested their site properly, didn't have substantial fulfillment
systems in place and got their financial and marketing strategies
wrong. In short their entire business plan was seriously flawed.

Engineering and testing your site is crucial and any developer
worth their salt would not agree to deliver an untested site in an
unreasonable amount of time without making a client aware of the
implications. BUT, if the lunatics have taken over the asylum in the
finance department, is there a case that the techies are the
scapegoats for what was actually a failed business strategy?
I fear that many businesses who have let impatience override sound
business judgement may go the same way as boo.

Anyway, if any techie from boo.com with good asp skills is out there,
Snow Valley can offer you a good home.

Sarah Clelland

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Subject: Re: UKNM: So, any techys from BOO like a job?

on 18/5/00 i read:

>Sorry about being so un-subtle, but with the shortage of
>good techys anything is worth a punt.

Sorry to be so uncharitable, but weren't the techies one of the
causes of the low-flying (nay, hedge-trimming) start that BOO, er,

>In fact the demise of BOO has done the industry much
>good at all levels.

I agree with that statement - I hope it will make people realise that
it isn't just good spiel that counts. With any luck it might also
make VCs realise that getting the marketing right first time is the
most important aspect of any business (the product and fulfillment
only defines the price, the marketing defines the interest). It might
also make groups of people think twice before starting something of
that scale without previous, successful, experience together.

I do however feel very sorry for the 300 employees who fell victim.


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