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Subject: Re: UKNM: So, any techys from BOO like a job?
From: Robin Edwards
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 13:56:07 +0100

From: Sarah Clelland <sarah [dot] clellandatsnowvalley [dot] com>
>BUT, if the lunatics have taken over the asylum in the
> finance department, is there a case that the techies are the
> scapegoats for what was actually a failed business strategy?

Most definitely. Ian (if you've still got net access), are you able to
comment now?

> I fear that many businesses who have let impatience override sound
> business judgement may go the same way as boo.

Undoubtedly, but you can almost feel the heat from the tar brush being
applied to your back because we're all Internet bods ergo we can't make a
profit :o(

Note to VCs: Make a questionnaire to follow when seeing start-ups thus:-

(1) Are you a loss making e-commerce start-up?
(2) Can you realistically make a profit?

If "yes" to (1) and "no" to (2) then don't back it! Simple as that.

Actually, any VC with so much as a shred of business accumen will look at
the boo.com scenario in detail and understand that it does not automatically
mean they should ignore valid exciting business opportunities.

IMHO it is purely a press thing, and an easy target to boo(t).When Rover
sadly ran into trouble I don't recall the press predicting the demise of the
motor industry. Mainly because the public would have rightly said, "what a
load of crap."

I'm sad because:

* Many talented people are now having to unsettle their lives and find a new
job. Clearly some of them will find it difficult because they are being seen
as responsible for this, regarldless of what actually happened (spending
more money than they were earning).

* The press will milk this one for all it is worth, and will gloss over the
success stories, of which there are just as many, but they don't make for
great TV/print.

* The share prices of totally unrelated businesses will suffer unnecessarily
causng a whole heap of trouble, and all because of mis-information and

All I can say is, I hope at least someone got some enjoyment out of spending
the money (and no, I don't believe all of the stories about extravagent
spending as I, like most of us here, don't actually know what was going on
behind the scenes). I also hope that all of the gloating, press and industry
alike, is short lived and isn't taken personally by those who really are not
to blame.

> Anyway, if any techie from boo.com with good asp skills is out there,
> Snow Valley can offer you a good home.

And if any ex-boo's have had enough of London (WTF was a mail order retailer
doing in the centre of London anyway?), you know we're waiting for your

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  RE: UKNM: So, any techys from BOO like a, Sarah Clelland

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