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Subject: UKNM: RE: Cars and Boo
From: John Braithwaite
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 13:56:28 +0100

Land Rover are hitting back with ads in local press emphasising the
"benefits" of buying locally rather than from abroad,

eg. delivery times are more favourable from UK dealers, UK dealers
will take part exchanges, lower deposit rates, longer warranties.

Send you the cutting if you want it (send your address off list)


Please note:

I used to work for a main dealer, and to tell you the truth - as long as you
are patient (as delivery times are at least double, but mostly under two
months) your best bet is to go abroad. Regarding the points made above - why
p/x when you can make more money selling a car privately? If your dealer
offers you better p/x it's because they're not giving you the benefit of a
larger discount off your car (which still won't take the price even close to
the European equivalent). Deposits are similar and you can buy warranty
extensions in Europe if you want to and in most cases the extensions are

When I make my first million ;-) I'll be hopping across to Holland or,
perhaps, Denmark for a nice weekend away with my wife and go shopping for a
nice new shiny and c. 25-30% cheaper car.

Also, don't let a dealer get away with telling you that a warranty from
abroad isn't valid in the UK - that's untrue. If they try that, drive your
car out of their garage and find a nicer one nearby - if the dealer is the
only one in the vicinity then contact the manufacturer, who will help you
put the dealer straight (as you are still a customer of theirs and they will
be looking at lifetime value).

Regarding BOO, I disagree with what has been said, it will just fuel the
'Where's the profit in the net?' groups - mostly comprised of journos and
other media types who still don't get it. Did anyone see C4 news last night?
It was all doom and gloom... from people who should know better. Yet if
things continue the way they are going, these same hacks will be writing
about 'How the UK missed the Dot Com bus' articles in three years' time. I
am concerned about our representation as we are still lagging the US and, I
beleive, the gap is widening as the US continues to release greater sums of
money and funds for the net and the UK seems lethargic.

John B

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