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Subject: UKNM: Bye Bye Boo
From: D.Visions Limited
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 14:23:41 +0100

So who's next?
How about a sweepstake to guess the date of the next big crash. Uncharitable
I know but given the still scary amounts of money some properties are
throwing at branding activities it can't be long before a few more drop.

In response to some previous posts I think that some of the people in the
Boo marketing department did a blinding job (online marketers from Boo get
in touch). After all we, and many others, have been talking about them
non-stop (almost) and watching their every move.

Personally I hated the site's navigation and crash frequency and the free
20 voucher I was sent recently sits in my inbox coz I just could not spend

Genuinely we feel a lot for the people losing their jobs and as I said above
we'd welcome the stars of the marketing department to get in touch.

BTW we've been going since mid 1997 and have made a profit every year. Sell
picks and shovels, don't build saloons. Booyakasha-Bye-Bye.

Robin Gurney Director

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