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Subject: Re: UKNM: So, any techys from BOO like a job?
From: Alex Dale
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 17:27:59 +0100

Surely the problem arose from trying to go international from the start. If
had launched in the UK or Scandanavia, learnt their implementation / design
lessons and then gone RofW, Boo might still be here.


Alex Dunne wrote:

> $135mil can go pretty quickly in a year for a multi-national startup.
> your burn rate is $13mil/month because you have to:
> 1. Buy/rent machines, equipment, office space for your infrastructure
> 2. Structure and operate fulfillment centers, even if you outsource
> 3. Run marketing campaigns and pay fees to companies that create them
> 4. Recruit, hire, train and pay 400 staff plus multi-national benefits
> 5. Manage your distributed operations (including travel costs)
> 6. Build a massive multi-lingual, e-commerce, 24X7, high-concept website
> 7. Maybe pay more for some services 'cuz you need them, like, NOW!
> 8. Multiply all this by n number of countries in which you
> operate/promote/sell.
> 9. And of course, all those prepaid DHL 'free return' slips that went
> un-used.
> Taking a different perspective, $135mil is only a 2cent movement in MSFT's
> stock price.
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> Subject: RE: UKNM: So, any techys from BOO like a job?
> Jude Robinson wrote:
> > What?!?!?? Don't think the demise of Boo has much to do with poor
> > marketing, to be honest...
> I think this was one of the main problems....after all what's the point of
> spending 's on a marketing campaign BEFORE the site is ready to go
> I've tried to steer clear of this discussion, because I have too many
> questions about this business, but I'm in now so :-
> 1. How do you spend 90Million in a year?!!! what a party that must have
> been
> 2. Why did they have 300 staff? (maybe answers q1)
> 3. Why was the ad campaign so poorly planned?
> 4. How did they expect to sell goods above high street prices?
> 5. Why was the ad campaign so poor? (being kind here, but the ad I saw
> shouted if you're a 70's throwback 2 stone shmuck and you hang around in a
> gang terrorising people on the tube with your BO then run to BOO!)
> 6. How do you spend 90Million in a year?
> 7. How come they don't know how they spent 90Million in a year?
> I just keep asking myself why I didn't break into their offices and help
> myself from the pile of 50 notes that they were using to power the
> heating.....or were they re-soling their shoes with them..........90mil
> a year....sorry, but I just can't get over that.
> Rgds
> Gary

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  RE: UKNM: So, any techys from BOO like a, Alex Dunne

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