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Subject: UKNM: Did Boo have real management?
From: Sean Phelan
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 21:21:57 +0100

I was all set to dismiss the Boo event as "that's what happens when you have
more millions than management" but Danny's O'Brien's comment gave me pause
for thought.

The only Boo person I met was one of the (allegedly numerous) pretty young
things. I was at First Tuesday trying to sell our very reasonably priced
mapping and location services; pretty young thing pointed out that Boo did
not have real-world locations and did not need maps, so it was a short

convo. Apart from the co-founders and the rapidly-departing CFOs I had
seen no sign of any real management, and I had perhaps rashly assumed that
none existed.

But, at 6:36 am -0700 19/5/00, Danny O'Brien wrote:
>Couldn't agree more. What really intrigued me all the way through the boo
>story was that they were trying very hard - and very smartly - to pursue a
>model that no-one else was trying. I actually found it really hard to
>boo out of hand (even when everyone else was gearing up to, and when as
>professional curmudgeon, I was practically honour bound to), because
>whenever I'd spoken to them, it was clear that they'd plotted out the whole
>thing as carefully as anyone else I'd seen.

So did they really have a real business plan? And real management? They
clearly didn't have a real cashflow forecast :-)

And did anybody see any sign of their PR people doing crisis management? I
didn't, but then I wasn't looking and I don't know who their PR firm was.
I did kinda get the impression that the founders were allowed to talk to
the "real" press - FT, etc. - without being properly prepped or having a
minder with them. Big Mistake.

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