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Subject: RE: UKNM: diy disasters....
From: Jeremy Stone
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 12:16:39 +0100

I've actually sat down and looked at http://www.bobthebuilder.org/
with a 2 and a half year Bob fan and it caused a few laughs and was ok.
Flash is certainly appropriate for pre-school content:
What appeals to 2/3/4 year olds: bright colours, songs, sound, large
character based graphics, speed (like all of us but more so for the under
5s..they;re twitchy buggers.)
is only deliverable through Flash/plug ins.
However pre-school sites are used in a variety of ways. Never ever kid only
(have you seen a 2 year old use a keyboard) but mostly as a parent resource
in which case
the clean, fast, plug in free type sites are appropriate.
http://www.sesamestreet.org is
a good example here. Parents also use them a lot for free print off content
and ideas for
games/days out etc but not much parent and child together either.
To be honest we are a few years off web/itv applications for this audience.
There have
been a few fledgling attempts that were ok (ie: interactive
toys..barney/tubbies) and
closed garden digital tv/ported web stuff which can be used with a tv remote
(now 3 year olds are comfortable with that.)
looks promising but web design solutions for toddlers.you try it !.give poor
Nicole a break.

Jem Stone (declaration of interest: I produced the BBC Teletubbies site for
a while.)
BBC Online.

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> *Hits that Andrew on the head*
> And some of us actually like Flash rather a lot, and are not
> ashamed to
> say it...
> Andrew Day wrote:
> >
> > Let's hit this one on the head.
> >
> > The majority of the contributors to this list dislike
> > Flash sites. So........ Ok Nicole?
> >
> > -Andrew

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