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Subject: UKNM: love thy stats. live thy stats.
From: Tomski
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 10:05:27 +0100

can I propose a UKNM ban on the phrase "I like..." when referring to
commercial interactive services and associated technologies?

whether one of us "likes" a site, or a technology, is utterly irrelevant.

those *using* our sites are the only people who's opinions, and actions,
matter, and you can measure how much they like your site.

love thy stats. live thy stats.

- coat time

At 11:54 AM 22-05-00 +0100, you wrote:
>Excuse me? Duff reply to address?
>Even if I had faked a reply to address it would have been pretty foolish
>of me to include my standard sig. Pretty foolish of me to rise to such
>easy bait as you left me, Andrew, I guess, and apologies for any offence
>anything I said caused you. Little did I know that vector based
>animation technology could hide such potential for harm. I think I need
>to readjust my karmic spreadsheet.
>Of course it goes without saying that any virtual hitting of heads by
>myself, off list or on list, surrounded by asterisks or otherwise,
>imagined or otherwise, in good humour or otherwise, do not reflect the
>views, opinions and/or activities of my employer. Especially on a monday
>heres hoping to a speedy end to this thread ;-)
> sam carrington // web designer // sensei.co.uk

[Sam says: msg chopped...]

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