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Subject: Re: UKNM: Network support
From: James Downes
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 13:59:24 +0100

Experience says there is no answer to this one.

We used to do this for a bunch of legacy clients, and it's a nightmare
business, so we stopped!

The time taken to carry out the kind of activities involved in small
scale support on an ad-hoc basis (which is what I think you are asking
for) means that you price yourself out of the market. Supporting
multiple installations, versions, hardware, networks etc, and keeping up
to date, and training, and travel means you can't make money unless you
take the peanuts/monkeys route.

Before everyone shouts, you can of course get this kind of support, but
it is either massively expensive, or crap.

It is the case that every network is different, therefore the best
people to support your network are yourselves. I recommend training up a
relatively technical person in each department to handle day to day
problems and only use external resources as a last resort.

Having said all of that, we did recommend a company called Thames
Computer Services Ltd on 020 7609 9661 on a couple of occasions who seem

Good Luck!!!!

james downes
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  UKNM: Network support, Christina Erskine

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