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Subject: Re: UKNM: And now netimperative.com has gone under
From: Geoff Inns
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 09:06:10 +0100

The investors are going to be able to ask for more equity now for second
round funding - may have a demotivating effect on those who run new netco's.
I imagine some very high offers are going to be have to be made to attract
key staff to start-ups.

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From: Carol Dukes <carol [dot] dukesatthinknatural [dot] com>
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Date: 23 May 2000 16:51
Subject: RE: UKNM: And now netimperative.com has gone under

>I agree. NetImperative was/is a great product. If the story as reported
>the Guardian is right, then it indicates appalling short-termism from the
>investors. If they were going to lose their nerve that quickly perhaps
>shouldn't have invested in the first place.
>Let's hope that this is only half the story and that NetImperative can find
>a way to bounce back.

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