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Subject: UKNM: Re: Credit card fraud and Philip and Alex's Guide...
From: Lee
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 12:13:28 GMT

I seem to remember WorldPay telling me that the 70% of fraudulent credit
card transactions attributed to the Web are mostly coming from fake credit
card number makers - pieces of software which are widely available on the
Web. Obviously using these is not the same as giving somebody else's credit
card details. From what I have found out about them (in a desperate attempt
to find a more equitable way to pay parking fines ;-)) you can only use
them for transactions under a low limit, where, for the merchant the cost
of three-way authentification is not worth the hassle. But I'm well beyond
my expertise level here, the point I'm making is that it is credit card
fraud but not the customer-victimising kind. Simon Manley, WorldPay's PR
chappie may have his finger on the figures.

I heartily agree with Jay on Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing.
Greenspun's writing is superb, his technical views are.... interesting, and
his views of the politics of software vending are spot on. You do have to
treat some of his figures carefully. The figures he gives for working out
the return on building a web-site assume you are using $500,000 HP servers
similar to those he has built his sites on courtesy of MIT's budget. I
assume it is less desperately difficult to get a visible return if you're
building a web-site on load-balanced RH Linux 6.0.

His technical views assume you are not a techie fashion victim, but I think
most of us sell to clients who are techie fashion victims or who are
advised by them. Anyone had any experience of offering Tcl as a glue
language to British industry?

Lee Kimber
Freelance IT Writer

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