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Subject: Re: UKNM: Future of the Internet questionnaire
From: Siobhan McVeigh
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 10:50:25 GMT

new media knowledge have just published a report that might be useful -
you've probably seen it already - called 'report from the future' which
shows the results of a scenario planning exercise on the future of the UK
new media industry in 2004 - email christina [dot] albertsenatnmkadapt [dot] co [dot] uk for
a copy :-) s

Phil Gyford wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm currently taking a course in Futures Studies, and I'd like to
> know what you think is going to happen to the Internet over the next
> ten years. It's further ahead than many of us tend to think,
> especially when it comes to the Net, but the results will be
> intriguing.
> I would really appreciate it if you could take ten minutes or so and
> fill in the questionnaire at <http://www.gyford.com/2398765/> I will
> of course post the results here once everything is compiled.
> Many thanks for your time, and I hope you find it interesting.
> (PS, please don't forward the url to anyone not on UKNM, as this
> address is only for this list. Thanks.)
> Phil
> _
> philatgyford [dot] com / tel:281-990-9319 / icq:3794783
> http://www.gyford.com / http://www.haddock.org

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