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Subject: RE: UKNM: RE: boo.com - should we be surprised?
From: Stewart Dean
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 10:23:59 GMT

At 10:24 18/11/99 -0000, you wrote:
>A wee bit harsh, Paul, but I think the point you are making is that it is
>the chiefs that need shooting, not the indians. Even then, though, for all
>we know Organic's chiefs were saying, "No, no, no - think about the user's
>experience" and boo.com were replying, "Bah humbug - get some more
>animations in there. We like animations."
The indians in this case are just as guilty. The cheifs are guilty for not
not being clear on what the prioirty for the client is and the indians are
guilty of poor use of the Internet.

>Getting the balance right, if the client is adamant about how they want to
>do it, is a difficult job indeed.
The client is always right - it's just sometimes they don't realise how
right they where until you show them :)

What I think is worth noting is the aim of Boo is not the problem - a
lifestyle store for clothes. As an idea it's sound. In this case it was
let down by poor execution. Anyone who allowed the front page of the site
to be a javascript menu of countries, especially just after a flash
animation, should be shot. It adds much to the complexity and nothing to
the functionality. Instead of drawing the user in it alienates the users.

There is no excuse not to have a web site accessable to all - especially
given the time organic have wasted on needless DHTML.

I once again preach the importance of simplicity in new media. Let the
content speak for it's self.

Stewart Dean

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  RE: UKNM: RE: boo.com - should we be sur, Robin Edwards

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