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Subject: Re: UKNM: seeking web house with education/learning site experience
From: guy windsor-lewis
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 17:46:32 GMT


We are currently involved in a ground-breaking project for a best selling
childrens fiction series (Animal Ark) and might be able to help...? It is
aimed very much at kids, specifically 9 year old girls but with a broader
market of 7 - 11 boys/girls. I know how difficult this territory is to
explore as we had similar difficulties.
Contact me if you think we can be of any help.

Guy Windsor-Lewis
T 01491 842912
F 01491 842913
M 0370 874088

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From: Tamsen Harward <tamsen [dot] harwardatbbc [dot] co [dot] uk>
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Date: 19 November 1999 09:56
Subject: UKNM: seeking web house with education/learning site experience

>Please forgive ignorance. I am a prospective client in search of website
>production houses/agencies. Very much concerned with the user's experience.
>Suggestions please for web houses with experience of building
>educational/learning sites for international audiences with a variety of
>connection speeds and computer specs? Or advice as to where I should look?
>(Outside of BBC Online of course!)
>Self promotion allowed!
>Many thanks
>tamsen [dot] harwardatbbc [dot] co [dot] uk
>BBC Worldwide Ltd
>Tel 0208 433 3578

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