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Subject: Re: UKNM: ADMIN: UK-Netmarketing: the latest...
From: Steve Mynott
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 00:57:04 GMT

On Fri, Nov 19, 1999 at 02:51:15PM +0000, Jo Chipchase wrote:
> Sam Michel wrote:
> >Does using your credit card online make you nervous?
> >83.7% think it's safe enough, while 16.3% do get nervous....43 votes so far.

This are figures for online netmarkers on this list rather than the
general public. They generally want to the web to be a safe
shopping environment, whether it is or not.

I suspect the general public mistrust the net more, since news stories
tend to be negative (hackers, virus etc).

> I entered my cc number. Two calls to the credit card company confirmed, to
> my relief, that this time my card hadn't been debited. However, I am
> reluctant to try either of these systems again !
> Has anyone had similar experiences? Perhaps I'm jinxed with these things!

I wouldn't be at all surprised.

As a web techie I know the quality of much of the commercial web server
software is poor (its too easy for programmers to make errors that
occur only very occasionally and they are under a lot of pressure to
ship product, which then happens without much testing) and I don't
trust the shopping software 100% to correctly add up the order.

I have heard allegations (and I stress this) that it has been possible
to "shoplift" from a certain flashy online clothes store -- certain
combinations of goods are supposed to be underpriced. Also remember
the Argos TVs? And overpricing is probably just as possible.

I have heard horror stories from a friend (no not me!) who was honest
enough to admit having bought web porn services having had problems
with further amounts being deducted from the card. Also problems with
domain sales companies (some of these people are as dodgy as the porn

Buying on the net is young and is sure to have teething problems.
Having said all this I bought stuff from Amazon and it was fine.
However, its a big bad net out there and the cowboys can't be trusted.

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its ok the problem solved itself

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