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Subject: Re: UKNM: Big band or little whimper...
From: Geoff Inns
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 14:30:49 GMT

I would have thought a combination - a soft launch 'whimper' to iron out any
difficulties followed by the 'bang'. Perhaps soft launches should be
extended for focus group analysis among randomly-picked customers, though I
am sure most new launches include focus groups pre-launch - don't they?

Geoff Inns
Business Development Manager
Guardian Unlimited

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From: Sam Michel <samatchinwag [dot] com>
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Date: 22 November 1999 13:37
Subject: UKNM: Big band or little whimper...

>Opinions, please...
>What's the best launch strategy for a new media brand? Particularly a
>completely new brand, with a new website?
>It struck me that the recent spate of big launches from the likes of
>jungle.com, boo.com, smile.co.uk, etc. have all been announced, with a
>dollop of hype, plenty of traditional and online press, and then
>underwhelmed their audience.
>I'm sure this will change given the whopping budgets involved and the vast
>array of skills available to the site's owners...the question is, why don't
>brands launch smaller sites and grow whilst using the feedback from a
>smaller group of customers to improve their service, etc.
>It's been proven time and time again that if a product offering is
>sufficiently strong (or sometimes even without this) and the hype is
>plentiful enough, that new media launches can't cope with the demand.
>Obviously, there is pressure from freshly VC-ed companies to demonstrate
>that the hefty investments are worth their weight in bytes, but does this
>counter the damage done to the brand when it launches?
>So, what works best? Big bang or sprouting from an acorn. Better still, can
>anyone think of a big launch which went well, none spring to my mine (but
>is Mon morning)...?
>Toodle Pip

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