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Subject: Re: UKNM: domain names
From: gary pharo
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 17:14:04 GMT


I think this is dependant on the brand strength off line. I regularly 'guess' at domain names and would expect to find and buy all that Ikea offers at ikea.co.uk and not have to remember another name that could detract from the brand.

I guess that in the case of some companies (eg siemens), due to multi-product lines, this is somewhat difficult to do. Either that or the ad agency had a billable brainwave in the pub !

My advice to anyone who is setting up a website is to secure both the brand/company name and, within reason, any generic names that are applicable .

A generic domain name (eg cheapflights.com) will be likely to pick up the more experienced/search engine unfriendly surfer, who guesses at the domain in the address bar - and certainly works for a company with limited marketing funds. In addition this will aid search engine ranking in some cases.

This then allows for cross media marketing and testing which url works best - after all cheapflights.com is a tad more memorable and accurate as to the nature of the business than "johndoetravelagents.com" - or whatever.

By the way, I have absolutely no connection with cheapflights - and have not used nor wish in true chinwag style to Boo them........Boo -now theres a name that invites negativity :o

Gary Pharo

On Mon, 22 Nov 1999 13:55:44 Houston, Richard wrote:
>have you noticed the increasing popularity of campaign-specific domain
>over the weekend i can remember seeing ikea's "makeachange.com" and siemens'
>"beinspired.com" (i think these are right, i've not actually checked them).
>do you think this is good practice? or should the domain itself reinforce
>the brand name? would www.ikea.com/makeachange/ be a better policy?
>what do you think?
>richard houston
>telephone: 0171 843 4621
>go on, get g @ http://www.getg.com/

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