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Subject: UKNM: Brand development
From: William Wemyss
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 10:16:46 GMT


A very interesting debate. There is here a distinct similarity between the 'offline' and 'online' world (unusually for e-brand developement). The similarity is that before you start branding any product whether it be off or online the offer has to be established. There is no point in try to develop brand values when the offering has not been worked out. No amount of advertising will establish a brand if the product is wrong. Even though there is pressure from VCs to gain 'first mover' advantage it would be far better for the 'big budget' dot coms get the offer right and then starting advertising than the inverse. After all look at the over hyped and over discussed boo.com. Even in this fast moving market one can afford a fortnight to a month to fine tune the product. After all much hype + poor product offer = brand devaluation ( if there were ever any brand values anyway). So my two pence worth would say take it slower identify the offer and then start brand development.



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Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 12:56:13 -0000
From: "Sam Michel" <samatchinwag [dot] com>
Subject: UKNM: Big band or little whimper...

Opinions, please...

What's the best launch strategy for a new media brand? Particularly a
completely new brand, with a new website?

It struck me that the recent spate of big launches from the likes of
jungle.com, boo.com, smile.co.uk, etc. have all been announced, with a heavy
dollop of hype, plenty of traditional and online press, and then
underwhelmed their audience.

I'm sure this will change given the whopping budgets involved and the vast
array of skills available to the site's owners...the question is, why don't
brands launch smaller sites and grow whilst using the feedback from a
smaller group of customers to improve their service, etc.

It's been proven time and time again that if a product offering is
sufficiently strong (or sometimes even without this) and the hype is
plentiful enough, that new media launches can't cope with the demand.

Obviously, there is pressure from freshly VC-ed companies to demonstrate
that the hefty investments are worth their weight in bytes, but does this
counter the damage done to the brand when it launches?

So, what works best? Big bang or sprouting from an acorn. Better still, can
anyone think of a big launch which went well, none spring to my mine (but it
is Mon morning)...?

Toodle Pip


Toodle Pip


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