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Subject: Re: UKNM: help! online services
From: Jay
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 00:00:46 GMT

> Ooh - there's an acronym I don't understand (excuse me if I should)... What's

Wireless Markup Language, a strict tag-based language that lets you display
content on devices with limited screen real-estate.

Rather than "pages", WAP applications (wot are written in WML) are delivered as
"cards" in a "deck". WML has an associated scripting language, WMLscript. Both
WML and WMLscript can be delivered as plain text (like HTML over HTTP) or can be
compiled into a more compact bytecode.

It's worth noting that WML nor WAP are a way of "getting the web on your phone".
This can be done with a HTML->WML gateway but is not the best (or even a
desirable) solution. A much better idea would be to create WAP specific views
of your content. If your content lives in a database (especially if it's an
object database or is already stored as XML) then producing WAP apps is a cinch.





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  RE: UKNM: help! online services, Andy Theyers

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