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Subject: Re: UKNM: ADSL
From: Stewart Dean
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 00:00:54 GMT

At 11:04 23/11/99 +0000, you wrote:
>I was wondering what Stewart meant when he wrote that 'ADSL could be
>used to make up the gap between Cable based interactive TV and
>Terrestrial/Satelite interactive TV.' What do you mean by the 'gap'
>and how would it be filled (assuming that the bandwidth would be

In simple terms it's bandwidth both too and from the customer to allow true
interaction as opposed to web like limits (ie not very most of the time).
Currently people like Sky are relient on you sharing a phone line (as in
you must keep this box hooked up for a year).

>ADSL can be used to deliver TV services - Kingston Communications are
>already doing it in Hull - but is it the best technology to use?

Only if the bandwitdth is up to it. ADSL is currently slower than the
speed cable companies can provide (see
http://www.ntl.com/press/display.asp?id=202 . Like I said ADSL on the trial
was 2 meg (well 1.5 up) which simply isnt good enough quality for viewing
by those used to TV pictures. 4 meg on the other hand and we've got
something well worth watching.

The important thing is people still see TV as they are used to it on their
TV and don't have to alter drastically the way they expect the TV to work.
I see digital as a trojan horse for interactive TV and may are going to get
it if they like it or not.


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  UKNM: ADSL, Roland

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