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Subject: RE: UKNM-JOBS: Re: UKNM: Best e-commerce payment processors/fraud screen providers
From: Stephen Benson
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 18:19:36 GMT

I've looked at a few -- it's a very tricky area. I'm still deciding on

In general, without naming names, you can lose almost as much in
per-transaction fees as you do in fraud, and then there's the high insult
rate, which loses you sales. It's also as much about your relationship with
the banks, as 'fraud' proper.

Now, what's "European/ROW AVS"? An informal address verification system? I
thought there was no AVS for Europe and the UK, what with different
addressing systems and data protection issues.

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> Subject: UKNM-JOBS: Re: UKNM: Best e-commerce payment
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> This echoes a request I posted a while back. Hopefully now there's someone
> with a Soho address interested there may come a response (sniff).
> Just a request to make postings to the list also as this is an interesting
> area (to me if noone else).
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> Subject: UKNM: Best e-commerce payment processors/fraud screen providers
> > Going back a few days, I was wondering who you guys think the players
> are in
> > e-comm payment processing and fraud screening? And more importantly,
> who's
> > providing a solid service to the big boys in the market? Anyone come
> across
> > any decent online fraud screeners dealing with addresses outside the
> US? Any
> > views on European/ROW AVS? If you are one, drop me a line off-list!
> >
> > i
> >
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