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Subject: UKNM: RE: fraud screening, stuff
From: Ian Tester
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 16:30:08 GMT

To fraud check or not to fraud check? it's a difficult question, because
unless you negotiate a substantial discount, you're going to end up paying
through the nose for it. I'm also unconvinced of the standard of some of the
systems - they mostly (correct me if i'm wrong) seem to have been developed
for a purely US market, so some of them have flaws like assuming that every
user is in a San Fran time zone - as you can imagine, not much use for fraud
systems that add "risk-points" for time of day . . .There's also the problem
of web-based email - most fraud screens use this as a trigger, but so much
e-commerce is being done with these now, it's not feasible to alienate this
amount of punters. And if you want to do a trace on a fraudster using a
hotmail account, you're looking at getting a subpoena before they'll give
you any info (quite rightly!)

I've heard rumours that CyberSource is launching a "UK and a couple of other
european countries AVS system early next year", so I guess a couple of the
other chaps must be on the cusp as well - that should make things a bit more
sound. Otherwise it's a mare . . .add to all this the fact that european
banks seem far more likely to demand an identity check when users first
transact via the net, and euro web commerce can be problematic.

Oh one day someone will develop that super-fly fraud screen and give
everyone a chance of offering more payment methods than the plastic . . .

p.s anyone know of any good stats giving % of e-transactions made with
web-based email???


Ian Tester, Business Development - boo.com
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ian [dot] testeratuk [dot] boo [dot] com

Stephen Benson said:

"In general, without naming names, you can lose almost as much in
per-transaction fees as you do in fraud, and then there's the high insult
rate, which loses you sales. It's also as much about your relationship with
the banks, as 'fraud' proper.

Now, what's "European/ROW AVS"? An informal address verification system? I
thought there was no AVS for Europe and the UK, what with different
addressing systems and data protection issues."

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