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Subject: Re: UKNM: ADSL and alternative technologies
From: Mark Walker
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 16:55:12 GMT

On the subject of alternative access technology does anyone use/know much
about radio?

we use it for a laptop LAN and it's great. We're thinking of using it in our
office and I kno wsomeone who uses it to feed straight form a local ISP -
approx 0.75km line of sight and it works well. Pavilio here in Brighton i
said to be looking at local feedand already feeds the Media Centre - home to
new media businesses

the airport stuff with the new macs is sure to boost it's use but it seems
slow to take off. Price is a problem -- we paid ?1600 for a base unit and
?400 per pcmcia card. The airport is cheaper, and cleverer (we need to use a
server whilst the airport appears to offer shared modem use for up to ten
machines through one line. Not much fun but cheap n cheerful and easy.

And are all radio modems compatible?

>While the ADSL debate is heating up, I thought it'd be worth throwing in
>something else. Has anyone seen or heard about a venture called
>acting as a satellite ISP and claiming speeds of 50Mbps? The web site
>is poor and responses to inquiries have been elusive, but if the product
>meets the hype and exceeds the web site it could change the competitive
>landscape. It is aimed at the consumer, SOHO and corporations.
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  Re: UKNM: ADSL and alternative technolog, Jonathan Lumb

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