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Subject: RE: UKNM: peoplesound.com
From: Richard Eddy
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 09:29:27 GMT

You're a bitter and twisted man.
Go play some nice PlayStation games.

Best wishes,
Richard Eddy
Rocket Media
T: 0171 323 3340
F: 0171 323 4461

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From: Richard Longhurst [SMTP:richard [dot] longhurstatfuturenet [dot] co [dot] uk]
Sent: 26 November 1999 14:51
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Subject: Re: UKNM: peoplesound.com

When we stopped featuring Mac Internet software on .net's coverdisc a couple
of years back, holier-than-thou Mac users complained that the Net was
supposed to be platform-independent so we were evil not to include software
for their precious machines. They went strangely silent when we pointed out
that we didn't feature Amiga, ST, Unix or Speccy programs on the disc - to
them, multi-platform means Mac and Windows.

They also think it's a dreadful conspiracy when the Mac isn't supported.
Normally it's due to practicalities - with .net's coverdisc it was a case of
25% of the effort for 2% of the readers. It just didn't make sense to put
Mac software on there. But having said that, I did have a pop at the new
Guinness e-zine (www.getg.co.uk) for being a Windows-only executable.

I think .net has featured some Mac software in recent months. What thanks
did they get? None.

Richard Longhurst - editor, PC Format - http://www.futurenet.co.uk/
Future Publishing, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2BW, UK
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From: "Nigell Boulton" <nigell [dot] boultonatrade [dot] net>
To: <uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com>
Sent: Thursday, November 25, 1999 10:59 AM
Subject: Re: UKNM: peoplesound.com

> But when should we stop catering for every single browser / computer
> configuration? Should we cater for Unix users that are about 2% of the
> on the off chance that they might buy something. Or do we cater for the
> majority that are running Windows 9* (NT) and IE4/5?
> And what about Mac, OS/2, Amiga, etc users?
> Aaaarrgggghhh!!!!
> Perhaps (if there isnt already) we should define a standard for web sites,
> eg they must run on 90% of visitors computers without errors and without
> demanding that they download plugins
> Nigell Boulton
> Resident Genius
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> From: James Closs <j [dot] clossatbitBull [dot] com>
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> Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 1999 6:00 PM
> Subject: UKNM: peoplesound.com
> > yet another site that brings up the 'if you're a Mac user we advise you
> not
> > to use the site' - it won't let me in AT ALL.
> >
> > What's going on - have people forgotten how to build web sites or what?
> >
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