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Subject: Re: UKNM: Internet Marketing
From: Marc Walker
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 19:56:11 GMT

I am sure I read a very similar story in Revolution recently.

Marc Walker
Electronic Publishing Consultant

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Subject: UKNM: Internet Marketing

> I work for a PR agency out here in Japan. One of my clients is an Internet
> Marketing/Advertising company. They are pioneering a number of techniques
> which I believe are unique to Japan. We have 2-3 million mobile phone
> connected to the Internet via their handsets in Japan. My client is
> designing marketing strategies and proprietary software to reach them. For
> example, when you walk past Starbucks you would get an email to your phone
> offering you a free coffee if you pop in. There are many more "point of
> space" and "point of time" marketing techniques being pioneered in Jpaan
> right now. Basically I think people in the UK would be very interested to
> read about what is happening in Japan since in the area of mobile
> communications marketing Japan is leading the way. Can anyone recommend
> appropriate publications for me to pitch the story to? Or am I just out of
> touch and this is happening in the UK too? I'd be really grateful for any
> input.
> Many thanks,
> Philip Gusterson
> philipgustersonathotmail [dot] com
> http://www.gusterson.co.uk

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  UKNM: Internet Marketing, philip gusterson

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