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Subject: RE: UKNM: Internet Marketing
From: tdibble
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 19:56:16 GMT


I would love to hear about the state of play in the APAC region. For anyone else interested in these issues both here and elsewhere you should join Eurowireless (www.eurowireless.co.uk) The membership stands at 230 ish qualified digital industry professionals and we have regular meetings (only in the UK at the moment). The last one was hosted by Grey Interactive, the next one in January.</plug>

I myself am very heavily involved in the UK and European mobile business from a variety of apsects, but mainly network independent which is proving an interesting time, especially now.

I would certainly agree that i-mode is a winner, and more advanced than anything we have in Europe or the US just yet, but the European mobile data market is about to mushroom and there's a lot of activity at the moment. It's one to watch.

In reply-to uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com on Tue Nov 30 09:29:00 1999
>I work for a PR agency out here in Japan. One of my clients is an Internet
>Marketing/Advertising company. They are pioneering a number of techniques
>which I believe are unique to Japan. We have 2-3 million mobile phone users
>connected to the Internet via their handsets in Japan. My client is
>designing marketing strategies and proprietary software to reach them. For
>example, when you walk past Starbucks you would get an email to your phone
>offering you a free coffee if you pop in. There are many more "point of
>space" and "point of time" marketing techniques being pioneered in Jpaan
>right now. Basically I think people in the UK would be very interested to
>read about what is happening in Japan since in the area of mobile
>communications marketing Japan is leading the way. Can anyone recommend
>appropriate publications for me to pitch the story to? Or am I just out of
>touch and this is happening in the UK too? I'd be really grateful for any
>Many thanks,
>Philip Gusterson
>philipgustersonathotmail [dot] com

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