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Subject: Re: UKNM: WAP (was UKNM: Internet Marketing)
From: Ken Cowley
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 23:55:32 GMT

WAP = Wireless Application Protocol = the mobile equivalent of http.
Supports pages written in WML (wireless mark-up language) which is a defined
set of XML mark-ups (think of it as a subset of HTML but with various tags
having to be more explicitly defined) WML's equivalent of a site is a 'deck'
(of the cards you view in a cellphone window, get it?) Which are the
equivalent of HTML pages but navigating between them is highly reminiscent
of html - there's even an <a> tag. WML includes a scripting language
specification and device - API definitions so you can have say clicking on a
link dial up a number. More info see the Nokia - sponsored site at
http://www.wapforum.org/. AspToday gas an interesting tutorial (if you know
ASP) at http://www.asptoday.com/articles/19991115.htm which also has
background for non programmers.

Bluetooth = a short range wireless networking protocol. Typical applications
are getting your mobile and laptop talking to each other without plugging
any wires in, hooking up an office or home network. Difference to Infra Red
is that it's radio based. Various specs included allow devices to tell each
other what they do. Chief plugger is Ericsson at

Can't quite see where Bluetooth comes into 'push' marketing as you'd have to
have it switched on as you were passing - say - a chocolate machine for that
machine to shout 'hi!' at you. More typical examples are of the form that
you go up to the Bluetooth enabled chocolate machine having already decided
to buy a bar, then your cellphone networks to it (the machine knows you're a
mobile phone, the phone knows this is a chocolate machine, or more
accurately, that this is a thing that you pay to get other things). If you
want a bar the phone tells the machine and your service provider
simultaneously so your bill gets docked 35p as the chocolate bar gets stuck
in a just unreachable position right....there where you can scrabble around
until your train arrives. This example has been demo'd already... you have
been warned.

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From: Sam Michel <samatchinwag [dot] com>
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Subject: RE: UKNM: WAP (was UKNM: Internet Marketing)

> At 14:22 29/11/99 +0000, tdibbleatglobalnet [dot] co [dot] uk wrote:
> >Forgive my interruption, but we are talking two different propritery
> >systems here. WAP and Bluetooth. Both are pervasive i their own way,
> >bluetooth is better suited to push marketing than WAP.
> Could you explain the difference between WAP and Bluetooth to save mine
> (and other folks on the list who I'm sure don't know the subtle
> between the two).
> >In reply-to uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com on Mon Nov 29 14:18:01 1999
> > >Maybe I'm being unfairly flippant, but if my phone is going to send
me SMS
> > >messages or whatever everytime I pass a shop signed up to this
> > then
> > >how long is my phone's battery going to last?
> > >
> > >And surely it will be even worse if you're in a car - as you'll be
> > >a greater distance in a shorter period of time (especially in urban
> > areas)..
> > >is this not likely to drive mobile users insane?

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