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Subject: UKNM: qxl
From: john braithwaite
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 10:40:51 +0100

another thing about qxl:

prior to the re-branding and reorganisation of the site - it was really
straightforward and made a lot of sense. now it's a jumble of speech bubbles
and text links (and takes longer to upload for anyone using a modem).

i said a few months ago that i thought the valuation of it was incredible
(literal meaning) and i still do, even at the new 'discounted' value for
money price.

bidder: john braithwaite
item: qxl
bid: 10.50 (for the lot)
time left: 15 hours

any takers?


p.s. every time i think of qxl i think 'it needn't be hell, with qxl' -
their slogans aren't a patch on nicotinell's.
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