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Subject: Re: UKNM: On the subject of Scoot - What about Yell?
From: Scott Reid
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 17:42:05 +0100

> How about their main competitor Yell (the Yellow Pages web site)
> Are they any better or worse than Scoot? Any experiences?

Well as I've had a good go at Scoot, I should also recount our
experiences of Yell too to be fair... excellent! About two weeks after
we'd taken out the 6K campaigne with Scoot we also took out one for 3K
with Yell. This comprised an entry in ShopYell, along with 6 category
listing on Yell and a few thousand banner impressions thrown in for good

We've had loads of referrals from their sites and have easily made the
money back not to mention giving our site public awareness. The sales
side was far better organised and whenever we've rang up with
alterations or questions etc they have been extremely helpful.

In short we shall be continuing the adverts with Yell/ShopYell but
certainly not Scoot.



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Quality Electrical Direct
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