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Subject: Re: UKNM: ad targeting techniques
From: Marc Walker
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 17:47:06 +0100

As you say, banner advertising is moving from the early, random hit and hope
method to a slightly more structured technique.

I consider my "profile details" personal information I only offer to those
sites which I can rely on and trust to manage my data professionally. Those
sites which I am not so sure about I will only give enough details away to
fill out the reg. form in the quickest time.

If this is the case with many online users then how reliable will profile
advertising be? The only reliable user profiles will be those on sites
which have a paid subscription rate.

This may shift the trend from high user session/impression sites (portals,
SE's and entertainment sites etc. etc.) to smaller, paid subscription sites
that are able to offer profile stats.

So, is 1% of quality better that 3% of nothing?

And should we now look at just how many "Ad. Impression to Sale" occurrences
are really happening. We have the software to do this.

Or should we go back to the drawing board and spend more time on the design
and copy.

Marc Walker
Electronic Publishing Consultant
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Subject: UKNM: ad targeting techniques

> Dear all,
> Over the last 2 years (approx.) the big US advertising networks have shifted
> from content based targeting to targeting based on sophisticated personal
> profiling techniques. Over the same period average click-thru rates have
> fallen from 3% to 1%. Are the new techniques proving effective?
> Kevin

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  UKNM: ad targeting techniques, Kevin Rice

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