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Subject: RE: UKNM: Fast-loading sites
From: Vincent O'Keeffe
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 19:20:27 +0100

> I'm trying to find some 'example' sites which download really, really
> fast, while also displaying good design and full content. (Not much to
> ask, really ;) )
> Any recommendations?

If you're looking to convince someone that a fast loading site is better
than a slow loading one, check out the following -

Main points:

Speed is second only to legibility as the most important consideration in
designing your web site
Users equate speed of download with quality of information
Increased speed = increased traffic

In realtion to examples of sites which understand this, check out
It's not exceptionally pretty, but it is nicely laid out, laden with good
content and very fast. Compare it with http://www.ac.com - note, in
particular, how annoying the absense of ALT tags on this site is.

Second site, check out http://www.nua.com. Again, good content, and an
attractive, well-organised design to support it. Perhaps my design tastes
lean too much towards function over form, but that's what I consider good
design to be.


Vincent O' Keeffe

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