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Subject: UKNM: FMCG Opportunity
From: Jeff Marshall
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 09:33:47 +0100

I'm not sure if this breaks netiquette on this group, but I have the
following opportunity/problem which may interest some members.

[Sam says: I don't think it does, but please respond directly to Jeff]

We are a UK based ISP which has grown out of an IT / business background.
Our strengths are definitely in the "engineering" and "business acumen"
fields, and we have little direct fmcg marketing experience or credentials.
We have a solid creative and technical web design team in house (10 people
and growing), which is delivering some 20 or more sites per month (mostly
brochure, but also e-commerce / dynamic content).

We have been invited to pitch to participate in the design and development
of a corporate site, and a number of brand sites for one of the best known
fmcg brand families in the UK and internationally. This invitation results
from our history of providing other ISP services to the client. We feel our
response will be weakened because of our lack of credentials in fmcg and
brand marketing, but would like to continue to serve our client. We are
therefore looking for partners with demonstrable credentials in this area to
work with us on our pitch, and ultimately, the project. If you have the
kind of skills, history and experience that we need, and are willing to work
with a strong technical team who are eager to learn, please contact me
off-group, at jeffmatwebs [dot] co [dot] uk . We will require you to sign a standard
non-disclosure or teaming agreement if we are to work together.

Jeff Marshall
WorldWide Web Services Limited
(a member of VIA Net Works Inc.)

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