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Subject: Re: UKNM: ad targeting techniques
From: Russell Goldsmith
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 10:49:40 +0100

You can't make a statement like "inefficiency of banner ads" without understanding what the individual client objectives are.

I'm personally not a fan of banners either if you're buying them on the hope people will click-through, unless you buy keywords off search-engines that is. But as an awareness mechanic they can do a reasonable job. The other issue to consider is how people use the web now. I'd compare it to getting Digital TV - suddenly you've got hundreds of channels and the first few weeks you spend your whole night convincing yourself that you really ARE interested in that Spanish soap dubbed in German - but eventually, you stick with your favourite few channels. Same as radio - I bet most people listen to the same stations at the same time everyday - yeh you may channel hop when the ads come on, but eventually you're back to where you started. The web is no different, if you've only got ten minutes at lunchtime to surf from your office, or half an hour at home before the other half wants to use the phone, you're going to chose your favourite sites, and a banner is not necessarily going to encourage you to go off elsewhere - although you may still remember the brand that advertised to you.

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>>> chris <chrisatfeeshes [dot] freeserve [dot] co [dot] uk> 11/10/99 12:55:56 >>>
IMHO the decrease indicates the overwhelming inefficiency of banner ads as
a marketing device rather than the failure of targeted ads.

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