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Subject: UKNM: re: uknm: re: adsl and bt
From: ian betteridge
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 19:00:39 +0100

> i am interested to know why you think it is against bt's interests to
> prevent adsl from becoming the standard.
> they will provide the infrastructure, the service provision (sold on to
> other companies who want to be an adsl
> provider) and their own content service. surely this amounts to a strong
> interest in ensuring that adsl becomes the
> standard vis a vis cable (which bt do not provide).

you have to remember that bt, like ibm in the good old days, is a big set of
disparate departments, each of which will fight tooth and nail to retain its
own set of vested interests. adsl competes with both isdn and the leased
line business - and both of those factions within bt will do everything in
their power to delay adsl's widespread rollout.

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