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Subject: RE: UKNM: Bill Gates Interview
From: Sean Phelan
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 18:23:09 +0100

>you have one of the best visionaries of our time interviewed, and you come
>out with questions like
>"what is your best bill gates joke"
>I agree paxman did not have a clue.
Hm... yeah, we just got back from Telecom'99 in time to see the interview,
and thought that this wasn't classic Paxman. But I have to say I was stunned,
amazed and shocked that Bill's PR people let him in front of Paxman at all.

Given that the entire media world wants to interview Bill, and that they
can have their pick of media and interviewers, it was a surprising choice.
However, for the same reasons it was also a real coup for Paxman. Given
that Jeremy would quite like to keep getting the uber-A-list interviewees,
I think he may have been gentler than usual.

Also, I could not help noticing the excellent timing - Sunday night, 8pm
must be just about peak time for all those ABC1 decision-makers (however,
I know all you media buyers know that stuff inside out... let me know if
I'm mistaken on this).

But I have to say that Jeremy asking Bill for his favorite Bill Gates
joke really appealed to me, and I think Bill missed a great soundbite
opportunity by fluffing it. He's obviously trying to portray a more
human side (all the stuff about what is really valuable in life, etc.)
and telling a BillG joke himself would have been a good move in this

Bill was much more interesting in Geneva last week at Telecom'99... Phones
and PDAs as the next big platform, etc. etc. Microsoft is distributing
a component-level browser WITH SOURCE CODE to cellphone and PDA makers,
which I think is a distinct lurch toward open source. And it is high-
growth market where they don't have a dominant share and there is LOTS
of "path dependence", so Microsoft is pulling out all the stops...

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  RE: UKNM: Bill Gates Interview, Chetan Damani

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