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Subject: RE: Loosemore's law (was UKNM: Fast-loading sites)
From: Rod Begbie
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 23:56:12 +0100

> problem is, most 'typical users' of broadband services at the moment are
> heavy-user internet-savvy early adopters, precisely because they
> recognise
> the value of flat free fat pipe always on - more 'normal' users
> are really
> thin on the ground.

Indeed -- in the block of flats I live in, three out of eight (that I know
off) are wired with cable modems.

There's me and my flatmate, running a LAN, ftp server, webcam and shoutcast

There's our next door neighbours, doing likewise (minus the webcam)

And there's the *really* geeky guy on the ground floor who doesn't so much
have a wardrobe, as a server room! (Seriously -- about 3 Sun servers
running Linux, and a couple of PCs -- The MIT Flea Market is a wonderful

After about 10pm, once we're all back from work, the difference in speed is
quite noticable.

(So I download all my pr0n at lunchtime)


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