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Subject: Re: UKNM: Fast-loading sites
From: Scott Reid
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 14:17:45 +0100

Mark Walker wrote:
> ? any comments about how to help them keep files as small as possible?

The other possibily however unpretty, is to create the pages in
something like FrontPage until you get them right and then when you come
to upload them drop the files into Notepad and delete the "padding" that
frontpage adds.

> ? ditto a graphics package?

Use Paint Shop Pro myself in combination with Animation Shop. As someone
mentioned earlier with reference to html and in order to keep file sizes
small it's better to understand the language, this applies here. You
need to both understand how gif's are encoded, where the compression
scheme(s) work best and for animation, how you can get the most out of
the limitations of the filetype (overlays, palette toggling etc).

> ? any sites we can refer to to teach better bandwidth habits?

I don't want to brag, and you'll all probably shoot me down anyway, but
http://www.qed-uk.com *covers head awaiting incoming* This site was
developed with one aim in mind, to be fast, easy to use, enable
potential customers to find what they looking for as quickly as possible
and to be viewable by anyone no matter what browser they have. For this
reason, there is absolutely no Java or Javascript, cause let's face it 9
times out of 10 if you don't have whichever browser that the site
developer had it's gonna crash! No frames either, search engines hate
frames and being as that's still where most of our referrals come from I
think it's a good idea to play up to that. And one last personal one, no
microsoft backend server(s). Site uses a straight C code program which
outputs the html directly.



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