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Subject: UKNM: Interactive Coffe Cups
From: lee
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 11:47:55 +0100

Afternoon ladies. Anyone seen these yet?
Anyone know anymore?



Stop for a coffee break as you enter the Internet World keynote address
tomorrow (10/25) and you'll be drinking out of the world's first
interactive coffee cup!
Digimarc Corp. is embedding java jackets with invisible digital watermarks
to link coffee cups to popular consumer Internet destinations such as
Yahoo!, WineShopper.com and WebMiles.
Coffee drinkers simply hold the cup up to an image capture device such as a
Web camera attached to their PC and are whisked to exclusive online content,
opportunities to buy, coupons, etc. Coffee sleeve manufacturer BriteVision
will distribute 4 million digitally watermarked sleeves per month to a
nationwide network of 1200 cafes in 40 metropolitan areas. And if you bring
your coffee cup to the Equilibrium/Digimarc booth (#535) and hold it up to a
Web cam you may win a digital camera of your own.
Since the coffee sleeve often sits on a consumer's desk adjacent to the
PC, the opportunity for an effective call to action is unprecedented.
What's more, specialty retail coffee drinkers are ideal targets for an
Internet-enabled advertising vehicle. Not only do they tend to be early
technology adopters, but they shop online twice as frequently as the
average consumer.

Digimarc MediaBridge software allows Web cameras to read the digital code
in a digitally watermarked coffee sleeve. The software then launches a
browser, instantly connecting the user to opportunities to learn more and
buy directly on the Internet. A 'D' symbol located on the sleeve will
indicate that it is Internet-enabled. Digimarc MediaBridge watermarks can
also be found in magazines, direct mail pieces--and a diverse array of other
objects soon to be announced!

Stephen Rennie
The Weber Group for Digimarc

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