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Subject: UKNM: Team Building
From: William Robb
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 12:07:35 +0100

Tim McGuire wrote

I would very much appreciate hear your views on the following topics:

1. Techniques/tips you would suggest to maintain team cohesiveness
despite rapid company growth.
2. Whether team building in a dot.com differs from a traditional bricks
and mortar company not subject to rapid growth or change
3. How does good team working and team culture make a difference to your
business (some examples would be really helpful).
4. Scenario: A new team is to be formed to complete a project, what
qualities do you look for in an individual who might join the team, are
any specific team activities you would employ to get the team to reach high
performance quickly.


1 Forget all the game-playing and pseudo- team problem games - try a more
direct and honest approach.
2 Set aside a half-day.
3 Seven days or so before this ask all team members to list at least six
things they are concerned about, or that they think is hindering the team
working better together. You'd be surprised that the issues that arise -
interrelationships, not knowing where they are going and lack of proper
equipment etc.
4 During the half-day workshop divide the team into two smaller teams. They
each take one hindrances and try to list solutions. After 20 minutes
regroups and agree on necessary action. Have a scribe record who will do
what by when on a flipchart.

In a half-day you should cover about 7 big issues. Do not rush the process.
The benefit comes from the mutual understanding that arises from detailed
discussion. The Hard actions are a bonus. You can monitor how much progress
is being made.

Do this once per quarter. It sound simplistic, but I do them in the Oil and
Gas industry and the motivating power is excellent. There are refinements
such as a meal in the evening or even some fun event such as quad bikes clay
pigeon shooting etc.

Hope this helps.

Bill Robb
Profit Improvers Ltd
01224 634873

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