Creative Solutions for Marketing on YouTube

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Find out how Heinz, Dove, Bazooka Joe and other major brands are using creative YouTube campaigns to gain millions of video views and direct engagement with consumers.

•  Comprehensive guide to campaign management

•  12 major brand marketing campaign case studies

•  Profiles of 100 video social networking sites

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YouTube is now the world’s biggest online video platform, with 200 million unique users per month – the sixth largest audience on the Internet – reflecting users’ increasing appetite for Web video.

Yet video social networking sites are widely considered to be an unsuitable environment for advertisers, full of copyright violation and poor-quality, user-generated content.

By appreciating and embracing the sites as social arenas for self-expression and personal relationships, however, some brands turn the apparent disadvantages into new opportunities.

To understand the potential of this radically different digital channel, Futurescape analysed the social nature of the sites and the ways in which successful campaigns by major brands align themselves with the users’ motivations for participating.

The report explains the methods by which brand owners address the challenges of participating in social networks and their solutions for tapping into the users’ creativity.

Creative Solutions for Marketing on YouTube takes you through the whole process of conceptualising and launching a campaign and dealing with the challenges to enable you to arrive at your own creative solutions.

•  Discover the opportunities for incorporating video social sites into your marketing strategy

•  See how you can most effectively invite the sites’ users to participate in your marketing and how to manage their involvement

•  Understand practical campaign management, from setting up your brand’s presence through all stages of running a campaign

•  Compare profiles of 100 video social networking sites to determine which is most appropriate for your requirements

•  Benefit from key statistics and links to dozens of original sources for further reading

COST: $499 (hard copy) / $799 (PDF) - price converts to £GBP for UK users according to current exchange rates

Editors: Colin Donald and Özlem Tunçil, co-founders, Futurescape

Published: March 2008. 97 pages – 34,000 words