Winning New Work: A Business Development Guide for UK Digital Agencies & Consultants


A 58 page guide for UK Digital Agencies and Consultants on how to win more work through effective business development.

We talked to some of the most successful agencies and business development directors to find out what works for them and what resources they are using to get leads and convert business.

This unique guide contains details on:

1. Generating leads

  • What data and lead generation services are there?
  • Who can you use for telemarketing?
  • What press and publications should you be targeting?
  • How should you manage online marketing and PR?
  • What press and news services should you use?
  • What awards are worth entering?
  • What networking groups should you be part of?
  • What community sites should you be contributing to?
  • Which directories should you be in?
  • What organisations are there to help introduce you to clients?
2. Winning the pitch
  • What are the dos and don't of winning the pitch?
  • What are clients looking for?
  • What can lose you the pitch?
Industry comment The report is packed with advice from business development professionals including representatives from many of the leading agencies. A comprehensive section on best practice Online Marketing and PR is full of practical tips and advice about how you can enhance your strategy for winning new leads.